This server is the actual standard configuration for our servers. The performance you see here is what you can expect from your own SuperbServer or Value CoLo service
Incoming Route Test:
You can ping or trace to:
Outgoing Route Tests:
Speed (Interactive) Test
Speed (Download) Tests:
RAM Real Video Video (HTML-based streaming ; 12.5MB ; 150Kbps stream) or direct file download
  WMV Windows Video (HTML-based streaming / download ; 14.8MB ; 512Kbps stream)
  WMV Windows Video (HTML-based streaming / download ; 17.4MB ; 762Kbps stream)
  AVI Video (HTML-based streaming / download ; 49.2MB ; 1.5+Mbps stream - VCD quality file)
  Please keep in mind that you can try to watch these online (if you have a broadband connection) to test. Also you can try to save the last two, to see the actual download speed.
  Note: The last stream is 1.5+Mbps, so you will need a minimum of a 2Mbps dedicated high-speed fibre connection to view it online (it will saturate a T1, DSL or cable modem). Most users should probably save the last file instead of viewing it.
Sample Traffic Stats

Go to: to see the sample traffic chart (actual traffic chart for this server), and the automated billing, live support, etc. systems

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